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The Randy Price and Company blog brings you great information and articles about store events, local events, clothing trends, and more. Our blog gives us a place to reflect the heartbeat and lifestyle of the store. If you have information or articles that you think would fit into our blog, feel free to contact us.


That Time Between Steps Ep.3

Our families story continues as we get ready to leave the hospital. Enjoy the next chapter of Ayden's story in episode 3 of "That Time Between Steps"

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That Time Between Steps Ep. 1 & Ep. 2

Our family is on the brink of a miracle. Miracle is a word in our society that comes with baggage. The event, timing or experience is always explained away in worldly terms as to how this or that occurred.

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The Ladies of Tall Pines

Thyme Boutique was proud to be a part of the Tall Pines Garden Club Fashion Show at the Bottling Company in downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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Denim 101

A question we hear every day in Thyme Boutique is “What is the best denim for my wardrobe?” Hannah and Lindsay are here to help you figure that out.

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Quite Savage

In 2012, we were looking to expand Matt and his wife, Lindsey, had just moved to Lumberton from Memphis and the timing could not have been better.

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America…Getting Great Again!

In 1978 just about every small town across the South, was home to great manufacturing plants. They would be making everything from clothes, to TV’s, to indoor outdoor carpet.

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Amy Head’s to Hattiesburg

Amy Head, president of Amy Head Cosmetics, called Lindsay a few weeks back. Amy invited Thyme Boutique and Randy Price and Company to join them

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