The guy on the far right is Matt. He and Austin used to wakeboard together back in the day. Matt, who founded the original Ole Miss Wakeboard Team, graduated from Ole Miss in 2008 with degrees in Graphic Design and Computer Wizzardry.

In 2012, we were looking to expand RandyPriceandCompany.com. Matt and his wife, Lindsey, had just moved to Lumberton from Memphis and the timing could not have been better. Matt totally renewed our commitment to our online customers throughout the south. Not only that, he has become our marketing and social media guru, and makes all our TV commercials for Randy Price and Company and Thyme Boutique.

If anyone knows Matt, they know that his style does not directly coincide with the Randy Price brand image. He has long hair, wakeboards, and works on Jeeps in his spare time. However, since Matt and I work so closely with the marketing of the store, we may have rubbed off a little on each other. I have had to learn an alternative lingo (Memphis talk) and he has began to enjoy getting dressed up on occasion, when he has too. Matt has helped me maintain my youth by teaching me the meaning of words like savage, sick, sketchy, and bruh.

All jokes aside, Matt has the talent to take our store marketing to the next level. I have taught him a lot about the marketing of the business and how to use his knowledge of graphic design to build and maintain the image of our store. While he is still learning the ins and outs of marketing, his graphic ability is second to none. Whether it be graphics, websites, or videography, he can do a little of everything.

To get a glimpse into his hobbies and video work, check out this video that he and his friends put together at his house on their home made 2 tower cable wakeboard system.

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